haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my new hairstyle

I went in this morning with dark purple hair, and I left with golden hair with a tint of pink in places.  :)  I love that - people have to take a second look to make sure that they've seen color correctly.  :D

I wore a white tie blouse.  Carmen had in hair in curlers and she wore a blue satin blouse and a white apron.  Both of us wore black skirts and dark pantyhose...although my pantyhose had a little surprise -- solid black in the front and cut outs all up and down the leg.  :)  I'm sure that there has to be a web cam photo of me with this pantyhose somewhere.  I see that one sweetheart sent me a zip file of web cam photos (thank you!).  I'll take a peek at them shortly, and post them on my multiply page soon.  I'll post the link on this blog afterwards.

Anyway, my hair needed bleach applied a total of three times.  After the first bleach, I was like a calico kitten -- hair with colors of red, black, brunette, and blonde! 

I sat under two different chair hair dryers and an accelerator (a thing with lights from the 1980s).

Oh, and I tried to set up the web cam at Carmen's shop this morning, but just as I thought, there was no free wireless access around.  All the networks were secured.  But at Trish's apartment next Sunday, the web cam will be working. 

Now I'm off to look at those photos.  :) 

Tags: bleach, photo, video shoot

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