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Thank you, John, for sending me those cute ties!  I was thinking of wearing one tomorrow, but instead, I think I'll practice a bit more with my tie tying and just make a video with me trying on different ties and outfits.  :)

Tomorrow I'll be getting my hair bleached.  I'm looking forward to that.  I'm getting all my camera gear together.  I just set all my cameras to the same settings -- remember I got a "new" camera, so in order for my editing to go easier, all cameras need to be on the same setting.

Although!  I get did a wide-angle lens.  I think I'll be using that lens regularly now.

I can try doing web cam tomorrow.  I'll bring my laptop and webcam with, but NO PROMISES.  Carmen's shop does not have wi-fi, but I can have my wireless card check to see if there is an unsecured signal around.

As always, I start shooting at her shop at 10 am.  Good bye black hair, hello blonde!

Oh, in other news, I'm at 1 hour and 26 minutes into Celia's perm and beehive video.  Right now the smelly perm solution is in, and she's processing.

Tags: bleach, celia cyanide, shirt & tie, video editing, video shoot, webcam

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