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what a reaction!

I think I better explain that "Kat Shaves and Gives Alucard a Haircut" photo below as that image seems to have offended a stylist who was supposed to work on a video today and in October.  All stylists and barbers in my videos are professionals who act that way.  Their only job is to cut/perm/dye hair; I'm just filming the process, kind of like a documentary.  The image of me seated with Alucard is something that only I would do in any video.  Hired stylists, again, are just hired to work on hair.  If the stylist would have asked me about the image of Alucard and me first before coming to unlikely assumptions, she would have found that this is a Halloween story, where I play a vampire.  I am seated with him because in order for a vampire get what he/she ultimately desires (blood), the vampire must have intimacy with the victim (and, of course, there is never any s*x or nudity in our videos!).

Oh, well, lesson learned.  I'll have to write up a section on what I expect from stylists and barbers in the "model for us" page.

In other news, I'm nearly 2 hours into Angie's uniperm video. 


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Oct. 2nd, 2007 07:35 pm (UTC)
the caping video
Hi kat just wondered how the caping video went on the 3oth? Interesting to see you using ALUCARD for a name i first saw it in early horror films once lol i even saw a house with the name on a sign in the garden how many have realised the name is indeed Dracula in reverse. Do let me know any info on the caping video please will you thanks.
Oct. 3rd, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Re: the caping video
I'll write something soon. Both my son and I have had the flu for the past couple of days, so I haven't been able to do much. You can always tell when I'm super busy (or something else is going on) when I don't write in my blog.

I do apologize for the delay though.
Oct. 3rd, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
Re: the caping video
Im sorry too kat i hope you keep better soon you do a great job filming the videos ect. I,ll check you blog soon . Get well and best wishes from the UK.
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