haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

server down and other info

I see that the server is down for the HCF video store right now.  Once it is up, I'll be releasing Anne's Face Shaving video today.  I think that I had planned to do this this past weekend, but things were really busy.

In other news, I've about given up on Pinnacle.  I had purchased several special drives, and still, for some reason, Pinnacle just doesn't want to work properly anymore.  So I'm downloading a trial version of Adobe Premiere.  I like the idea that with  Adobe Premiere I can pull frames and PhotoShop them if needed.  Maybe I could do a lightsaber hair chopping scene! 

Yes, I'm one of those rare gals who enjoys watching Star Wars.  ;)
Tags: pinnacle, video editing

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