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Indian actresses to be bald for movie

Thank you to my dearest sister in India!  *kisses*  She sent me wonderful news and a clipping from the newspaper.

An Indian actress, Antra Mali, will be shaving her head this week for a new movie by the film director, Amol Paleker.  Antra Mali says that it is very important that her head is actually shaved for the movie.

Shilpa Shetty was supposed to shave her head for the Indo-chimes co-production film "Disaire," but she changed her mind and will be wearing a bald cap instead.

I wish Antra Mali and Amol Paleker luck and much success.  I hope that this film will be distributed internationally.  :)

Tags: amol paleker, antra mali, celebrities bald, disaire, hair in the news, head shave, photo, shilpa shetty

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