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common myth

I thought I better clear up something as it seems there's a myth floating around....I wish it were true, but it's not.  There's a few people out there who have been saying that Kat's "making money hand over fist" with her videos.  Although I would love that so I could pay off my student loans, finally get my braces, get my film cameras repaired and buy all the other necessary video equipment  that I need, it's not true.  Without a few people sponsering my videos, I wouldn't be able to afford to make them.  So a big thank you to those helping me and to those buying the videos.  Without you, I wouldn't be able to make new ones.  

I know a few video producers have publicly announced that they make $30,000 a year from their videos (which my jaw dropped at that one), but I'm not there yet.  I do understand that other video producers have a lot more videos under their belts, so I'm not going to compare myself to them.  Right now I'm just very happy being able to work with film media, editing, and creating little stories for these videos.  For me, the subject matter doesn't really matter as long as I'm producing something that everyone enjoys and is benefitical in some way.  This is why you see a variety of subjects on this site.  I listen to what customers want, and I try to create videos that no one else is really doing.  Also, with the older styles and older beauty equipment, I hope to capture the lost art of hairdressing.  I am also learning a lot in the process.  Life is a learning experience, and I hope to learn something new everyday.  Maybe one day I'll attend beauty school or barber college, but I'll reflect further on that in the future.

Several of you have asked for "videos in real time" which I now understand to mean, unedited footage.  The "Caped Girls Gone Wild" video would best fit the "videos in real time" -- the "uncut and uncensored" as videos of that sort seem to be.  This video is a parody of imfamous the "Girls Gone Wild" series.  Because there will be no real editing of my part needed, except for the usual title and credit pages (and DVD authoring or VOD splicing), I can probably have this video available within the 1st week or two in October.  But first I need to film it!  September 30th is the shoot date.

Last night I deleted a lot of footage off my computer so that I can start uploading new footage.  I'll try to have preview photos up by mid-next week or so.  This weekend will be very busy and I'll rarely be home.
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