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I've spent an hour with godaddy.com on the phone and since they don't know what's wrong, the issue has been escalated, and should hopefully be resolved within 72 hours.  I'll keep you updated.

Anyway, I'll try to get the preview clip of the Kat's Highlights and Toner video (highlights & wam) up today before I leave.  Otherwise, I'll get it done early next week.

I've received several emails now asking me about my current hair style.  (I promise a photo when I'm able to pull one from my video.)  Today I wet my hair and then ran a couple handfuls of gel through it.  The other day I slicked and combed all the top hair to the front, and it looked very sexy.  Bangs and hair framing my face.  But today, I didn't get the same look - my hair had grown a bit.  (Yes my hair grows so quickly!  I gave myself a Brazilian a couple days ago.  I was smooth, but the next day I had hair growing back!  So having fast growing hair can be a blessing and a curse.  *smile*)  Sorry, if TMI.

So I brushed all my hair back, except a little bit of bangs on the left side only, which is slightly curled.  While waiting for the gel to dry, I'm wearing a red bandanna, wrapped on tight.  Very cute.  :)  I really ought to get another web cam and put it on this computer so I can snap a quick pic or two sometimes.

Well, back to work for me!

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