haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

video update

As I neared the end of the basic editing for the WAM & Highlight video, I found that I had one of my cameras rolling when I was coloring my hair black.  Since that video was only about 10 minutes long, I've already edited it and am currently rendering it into a .wmv file.  This (complete) file will be posted on youtube when the WAM & Highlight video is released.  :)

I'm a bit behind in a number of things -- time goes by so quickly!  I just realized that I will be out of town from Friday to Saturday, and then in and out the rest of the weekend.  Because of this, I will release Celia's Spiral Set video tomorrow before I leave, that way it's available for Valentine's Day.  :)
Tags: haircolor, update, video release

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