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Here's the updates for this week (I know the week isn't over yet!):

The stand for the standing hair dryer has been finished!  I used the knob from the Rilling permanent wave machine that I scrapped out as the adjusting knob for the hair dryer.  The guy who did the drilling and threading for me was so sweet.  I'm glad there's people like him in the world.

I'm about an hour into Angie's uniperm video.  I'm at the part where she's just had all the perm rods wrapped into her hair, and I just finished doing extreme closeups of them.

People have been asking about seeing preview photos from my videos.  I'll try to post a few here, but I'll need some time.  My schedule is going to be very hectic until summer now.  And I don't have all the footage onto my computer yet...and I can't.  I am running out of room, especially now that I'm using three cameras instead of two.  Before I can upload any more footage, I need to finish editing a video and then delete it off my computer.  

I'm amazed at how hard it has been trying to find stylists for my salon setting.  I've contacted at least six now.  I'm waiting to hear back from two.  I wonder if the thought of using the perm machine to perm hair is scaring them off?  I have now written up agreements that state that if something should happen to the model's hair, *I* would be the one responsible, not them.  I hope this helps calm their fears.
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