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how to comment on my LJ (LiveJournal)

I've received one email about having difficulty leaving a comment on my LiveJournal.  I know that when one person writes to me about a concern, there's always at least 30 others who feel the same.  I admit that LJ can be tricky at times; even I'm still trying to figure things out.  So here's a brief instruction manual on how to post:

1.)   You can post if you do or don't have a LiveJournal account.  If you register to have one, please check your spam/bulk email folder for LJ's confirmation email.  A lot of times, the password and other confirmations end up there, at least for me.  

2.)  Otherwise, you can comment anonymously (without registering on LJ).  All you need to do is find the entry that you want to comment on, click on "leave comment" at the bottom of that entry, and that will bring up the entry and when you scroll near the bottom of that entry, there will be an area for you to post your comment.  Just leave the Anonymous checked, but of course in the message, you can say who you are.  :)  

Good luck!

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