haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

interesting day so far

I maybe got another minute done of the Celia video before my computer crashed.  Yes, the dreaded blue screen appeared.  (I'm guessing that this video was so hot that the computer couldn't handle it any longer.  *wink*).

Someone will be taking a look at my computer tonight.  So until further notice, I won't be editing any videos.  I'm just glad that the computer held out long enough for the school project to be done!

So I decided to clean up around my computer to make it easier for the techie to look at my computer when I found a tax paper which I forgot to send in.  Upon reading the instructions, I realized that the forms that I already sent out, I sent to the wrong address! 

I'll now be working on correcting this.

Yep, I'm keeping busy.  :)
Tags: my life

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