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keeping busy

I just finished the school's project yesterday, and have started editing the Celia video again.  Right now I'm at 53 minutes. 

In a couple hours or so, I'll take a break and probably spend a good part of the day answering emails.  Maybe in a year or so, I'll hire someone else do to answer my emails for me!  lol  :)

Well, I'll grab something to eat and get back to work on this video.  I hope to have it ready by Valentine's Day.  As some may have noticed, the LJ blog has a Valentine's Day theme.  I hope LJ makes one for St. Patrick's Day too. 

Oh, and to answer one question that keeps popping up repeatedly in emails:  no, Celia is not caped or have a neck strip in this video.  As part of her punishment, she cannot be covered with cape during the shampooing, setting of hair, dryer time, or comb out.  It'll all make sense when you watch the video. 


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Jan. 28th, 2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
Thank You
Miss kat;
You sure keep busy. Thank you for the insight on Celia's punishment perm. I can't wait and hope you use some of my ideas for the next. As I said before, the quality, thr input, the thought amkes your productions the very, very best. The longer the better..

Thank You for all that you do...
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