haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

another preview photo

from Celia's Punishment Spiral Set

This photo comes from some footage that will not be used, although a similar camera angle (camera #3) is shown several times throughout the video.

Tonight I will be filming something for my son's school, and then working on that project during the week.  As soon as I have that done, I'll start back on editing this Celia video.

Speaking of this video, I'm at 38 minutes now.  I believe that this video will just around 2 hours in length.

I think that after I finish this video, I'll take a slight break from the perm rods and edit either the face shave or WAM higlights next.  Does anyone have a preference?

Tags: celia cyanide, mistress bee, photo, punishment, video editing

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