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Tonight a hacker thought that he could hack into my shopping cart and download a VOD.  I'm guessing that if it had worked, he would be downloading as many VODs as he could right now.

Please, don't try to hack into my website.  I find this very rude, and it takes time away from me doing other important stuff.  I also think that I'm a nice enough gal to already have so much freebie stuff on my website already.

When you hackers do things like this, you are banned from shopping in my video store, all other video producers are notified, your email service notified, and paypal notified as well.  I do not take this lightly. 

From now on, any future hackers (and I hope this was the only one), will have their email address, name, phone number if I can locate it, and full mailing address published on my blog.  I'd buzz an J into your hair, which stands for Jerk, if I had the chance.

Now I'm off to finish turning this guy in.  Wow, I wasn't expecting this tonight.
Tags: hacker, problem

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