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what videos are coming up?

With my hair videos, I want to prove to the audience that learning about haircutting or perming isn't boring, it's fun!  So I hope that my videos do just that.

Several people have asked me what new videos are you working on.  So here's a brief list of what I'm doing next:

Just in time for Halloween!  Kat plays a goth stylist who shaves the male client's neck and face.  But he gets more than he bargined for.  Who's our lucky, client?  DJ Alcuard of the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show,  (to be filmed September 22nd).  Half the sales from the VODs sold during the first week will be donated to that radio network.

Caped Girls Gone Wild caping video -- an instructional video showing the audience the difference between different kinds of capes that salons and barbershops use.  The women who have already been caped (with one or two capes), get bored while others are being caped, so they play with tools in the shop.  Eventually after they are all caped, they force their instructor down in the chair and tie all the capes around her.  (willl be filmed September 30th)

Leah's Shampoo & Hot Oil Treatment video - Leah is back, this time for a shampoo and hot oil treatment.  For those who've always wondered about hot oil treatments, you'll learn all you need to know here.  (in post-production)

Kat's Shampoo & Hair Tint video --  After a shampoo, Kat, dressed in a 1960s summer dress, asks for a blonde hair tint (this product is actually from 1940).  The stylist uses black tint instead.  You'll see how hair tint was properly made back in the 1940s when hair tinting was very popular.  Unfortunately due to the product's age, or maybe because Kat dyes her hair often, the black tint didn't take (okay, maybe a little).  It did stain the white curtains though!   (in post-production)

Angie's Uniperm video -- uniperms had their heyday back in the 1970s, but Kat brings them back in this video.  After a shampoo, Angie has her long hair cut shouldar length before the perm rods are wrapped into her hair.  Solution and the heated uniperm clamps are placed on her head.  After a rinse, her hair is put into curlers for a 1960s updo, and she sits under a retro chair hairdryer.  (in post-production, video may be broken into three videos)

Flatland's Original Hair Design and Headshave -- We meet Flatland at a salon where she has a pattern cut-out shaved into her hair.  The rest is shaved away.  She receives a shampoo afterwards.  Because she prefers being bald, she visits Kat's salon for a head shave.  (in post-production, video will be made into two videos).  With the first 5 DVDs sold, $20 from each one will be donated to LTAH's forum.

Cheerleader's Treat video -- A cheerleader played by Kat gives a jock a haircut and shave.  The jock is played by DJ Dekker of of the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show,  (to be filmed September 30th).  The whole scene will unfold on the radio show as well.  If you want to listen, check that website out and you can also send instant messages during the show.  Half the sales from the VODs sold during the first week will be donated to that radio network.

Kat's bob and neon pink hair dye video -- tentative early October

Kat's Real Permanent Wave Machine Perm -- tentative early October

There are several other videos that I'm planning as well, but I don't want to say anything just yet because the details still need to be worked out. 

I've also been purchasing supplies: clips for the shampoo towels, the rest of the pieces for the cheerleader outfit (the real cheerleader outfit, not the cheap Halloween kind), 2 pairs of horn-rimmed glasses (one new and one from the 1950s), and vampire fangs.  I need to buy more perm rods and curlers.  I purchased a Bu Tee Wave home permanent set so that I could replicate the foil papers.  (I hope to film a machineless heat wave perm sometime).  I'm not sure what the "paper evelope which contains the heating unit" is though.  I do have the foil with cloth attached and a few clear plastic sheets....

Today I learned that one of my models (this video not mentioned above) does not want to leave the barberchair.  Not a problem.  A big THANK YOU goes to Raymond for sending me a New-in-Box 1960's Caryl Richards Pro*Jet Speed Processing Machine, model 6381, portable hair dryer on a stand.  This will be perfect since this dryer can be moved wherever it needs to be moved.  Here's some more information on this hair dryer, for those who own one, but need this info to get theirs restored:  the hair dryer uses 115 volts and was made by Caryl Richards Inc. in Jersey City, N.J. in 1966.

The dryer was sent without a stand, and that stand that I had purchased does not fit.  I will be going back to buy a new stand soon.  I can't wait to see it in action.  :D

Oh, and before I forget to mention, all videos take me about a month to edit.  So please be patient.  Starting next year in September, I'll have more editing and filming time.  Fridays and Saturdays are usually family time for me.  I do keep Sundays open for filming.  Most of my editing is done very early mornings and late evenings.  There, now you know my schedule.  :)  

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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