haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

tomorrow's shoot

I've been preparing my salon setup for tomorrow's messy shoot.  My barber chair now has several layers of Saran Wrap covering it.  Don't forget that the web cam will be on for tomorrow's shoot.  (I will not be able to chat, as I'll be in the chair!).  After the highlighting, I'll probably come back to dye my hair black.  (I have a modeling gig Friday night and a party to go to on Saturday, so I can't walk around with my hair three different colors!)

For some odd reason, I've misplaced my highlighting cap.  So while picking up a new one, I stopped by Carmen's shop and took a few shots of posters on her wall.

These posters are from the early 1990s, I believe, and are by Beverly Hills Oggi International.  Carmen said that they came with a salon magazine subscription.  And she did have another Oggi poster featuring a blonde with straight long hair, but it's long gone.  But the good news is that (more of) these posters still exist!

Tags: long hair, oggi, photos, video shoot

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