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win some, lose some

One of my favorite places to eat is at the Holy Land in Minneapolis:  http://www.holylandbrand.com/  The last time I was there, I saw the "drop your business card in and win a free lunch."  I never did that before for any business, but for the heck of it, I dropped mine in and forgot about it...until today, when I received a letter saying that I won.  :D 

That was a very nice surprise.

As I was running errands today (namely, picking up restaurant-sized cans of pudding and baked beans for a video shoot coming up), I got a flat tire.  I was very happy to see that the spare tire was new and the jack was still in the Styrofoam packaging.  (One time I had a flat in my old car, and the spare tire was frozen to the trunk of the car, and both the tire and jack were extremely rusty).

So I brought the tire to the place that I bought it and they are fixing it.  But since I drove on the flat for at least a couple of miles, I'm going to guess that I'm going to need to buy a new tire.  (oops).

In other news, I've started editing the video where Mistress Bee gets a set with green perm rods.  I've got six minutes done, and will continue with it tomorrow.  Right now my house beckons me to finish cleaning it!


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Jan. 6th, 2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
win some, lose some
Hi Kat,

Sorry to hear about your up and down day. It just goes to show that in life there are no free lunches!

That said, if you eat too much of your free lunch (I mean eat and eat and eat), you could end up with a "spare tire" although please don't as you are lovely as you are:)

Congratulations with the recent video releases, they look really good and I'm looking forward to placing some orders as soon as the bank balance will allow.

Good luck with the new hairdo you're hoping to get later this month, I hope it works out well and I'm still keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed (to the extent that I keep getting cramp)that the new do will be short dark curls:)

Take care in the cold weather.

Your friend from the UK,

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