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I'm taking a quick break from cleaning to munch on some freshly baked banana bread to write about the upcoming year.

I have made an order of 800 pink nylon capes.  These should arrive next month or the month after.  I should be receiving the color samples soon, and once I give my okay, the capes will be made.  These capes will be available for purchase in the HCF store.  i announce it when they are here.

Although... piling 800 capes on a customer would be rather enjoyable to see...but, the weight of them all!  (It was already getting quite heavy with just 30 or so capes draped on me for a video!).

Come summer, I will be making a trip to Germany.  Hopefully, Jeroen and I can schedule a time to be permed at the same time for a video.  So yes, one way or another, a man receiving a tight curly perm for a video will be done!

Naturally, more hair cutting, perming, and vintage beauty salon equipment will be featured in 2009.  :)

I hope to find some time in the 2nd or 3rd week of January to have my hair done.  My hair is driving me a bit crazy - I'm not one for the growing out stage, but it must be done!  I just keep thinking, just another year, and my hair will be long again. 

Oh, and I hope to do a bit more webcam.  I was on for awhile today, just cleaning up my shop, removing the brushes from the pink brush rollers (now no more yanked out hair.  Those things are dangerous!), and filling up the Sanak neck strip container.  Someone had asked in chat, how much neck strips can my container hold.  It fits one package of 60 strips very well.  There was a few left, and those fit too.  So I'm going to guess the container can hold about 70 neck strips or so.  (This same package of neck strips can be found in the HCF store for a $1.00 per pack, I believe).

Now back to my cleaning.  :)
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