haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

slicked back

I was a model for a photo shoot today.  When the photographer posts it in his profile, I'll write about it in my other yahoo group and myspace page.  Due to its content, I cannot link to it here.

For the photo shoot, I was asked to slick my hair back.  I have enough hair to do this now!  ;)  It took a half bottle of gel, and a do-rag, but on the third time, ALL my hair was nicely laid back and was hard as a rock.  :D  I'll keep it this way for tomorrow's video. 

Tomorrow's video I'm only going to make a quick appearance - just to yank the model's tie and to adjust it for her.   There will be some brushing, but balloons will be the major feature.  Yes, something a little different this time.

Then afterwards, time to shampoo all this gel out.  Both the hubby and kid say they don't like my hair like this.  (I personally find it sexy.  *grin*)  BUT!  I keep trying to run my fingers through it subconsciously, and I get jarred back when I hit my hair helmet! 
Tags: my hair adventures, video shoot

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