haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,


Tonight I took a little break from Angie's foam perm video and worked on Flatland's hair design video.  I'm about 15 minutes into that video.  If I find some time tomorrow, I'll continue working on Angie's video.

Getting ready for the cape video on the 30th, I pulled out all my capes.  I hung up two "Will o' the Wisp" comb-out make-up capes by Betty Dain Creations.  (Are these still made anymore?)  One is so very old (and has the odor of beauty salon) that I'll probably use it once then throw it out; it's starting to fall apart, poor thing.

I'm looking into finding a stylist or two for my permanent wave machine videos and other haircutting/perming videos.  On Monday, I'll start discussing plans with them.

Tags: angie, capes, flatland

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