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keeping busy

I probably won't be editing any new footage until January.  Right now I'm capturing all the footage that I have shot, and will finish up on a couple of projects that need to be done by the end of the week.

Then I've got to get back to deleting and re-installing the latest Pinnacle Studios upgrade.  This latest upgrade (video editing software) reminds me of the movie Groundhog's Day, because as soon as I'm done installing the software, the computer starts right back up installing it again.  I think that Pinnacle sent me a bad disc, but they deny it and ignore my request to send me a new disc.  Sometime next week, I'll probably give them a call (and will need plenty of chocolate on hand!) and try to get this sorted out.  So far, I do NOT recommend the latest Pinnacle Studios 12 upgrade.  Maybe their download version works, but the disc they sent me doesn't.

Anyway, with the models yesterday, we started talking about what can be done with shorn hair.  One website was brought up, .  Hair can be made into wearable art.  :)

I could have mentioned too that back in the 1920's when bobs became popular, woman saved their long locks and made them into "rats."  This way if they needed to, they could hid the fact they had a bob around certain people... a.k.a. parents.  ;)

Of course, human hair is used for some wigs and doll making (have you seen those ReBorns on ebay?).  Human hair is still used for some hair nets too.  I was surprised to see them on the shelves at Sally Beauty the other day. 

Tags: hair things, life, video editing

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