haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

today's video shoot

Today at Carmen's salon, we shot Mistress Bee getting a set with large green perm rods, and Celia Cyanide getting a punishment set with peach perm rods.  (Next Sunday, Celia Cyanide will be getting a real perm, roller set, and a beehive, all while wearing a classic 1950's dress outfit, complete with saddle shoes.  I'm sure that I have the white necktie around here somewhere!)

At the shoot today, all the gals wore either a tie blouse or a blouse with a mini tie or fabric piece that goes across the front collar.  Also, all the gals had their toe nails painted but me!  I guess it's time that I pamper myself with that pleasure sometime. 

But first I need to buy some red nail polish....I can't seem to find where I placed my bottle of it.  I'll have to pick up another when I go shopping later this week.

Oh, and Carmen had her hair in pink brush rollers.  I will be removing the brush parts with a pliers when I get them back.  It seems that the brushes in them love hair a little too much, and have a hard time letting go. 

This upcoming Tuesday I'll be filming three models getting haircuts.  More on that later.
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