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Paula's Pixie Haircut VOD is complete

A big thank you to someone for pointing out that the Paula's Pixie Haircut was missing part 1.  Within seconds it was added.  (My apologies, this software is still a bit new to me!)

To those who ordered this VOD, a new email link has been sent out, and should have been received already.  :)


My trip this weekend went well.  Snow got quite heavy coming back.  A few stores that I usually visit are going out of business.  :(  The one store that carries those tie blouses was having a sale, so I missed out on the white tie blouse as that was sold out.  I did buy a mocha brown and a purple tie blouse.  I will continue to look here in the Cities for a white tie blouse. 

For the next two Sundays, I will be filming a couple of perm videos.  One is a water perm, the other an actual perm.  Because there's been so much scheduling, and re-scheduling, I'm not going to jinx it further by discussing them!  ;)~

There's other videos in the works too.

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