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 On September 9th, we did a couple of video shoots:  Leah's shampoo and hot oil treatment & my shampoo and black tint rinse from 1940.  We learned a lesson from both videos.  1.) The vintage hair dryer does work...maybe a little too well.  Not only did it pull in air, but also hair.  Ooops.  A mesh screen over the top of the dryer fixed it.  2.) Old tint rinses from the 1930's and 1940's won't work.  It will make the hair somewhat darker though.  It does wash out with the first shampoo.  :)

Now here's something interesting from a 2007 Panda Garden calendar:
Let Go Sleeping
In the old days, haircutting in Beijing provided also "after sales services", not just simply haircut or shave.  Especially, when aged people mostly found sleepy after haircutting or shaving, the barber would then be so nice enough as to give the customer a little massage and let go sleeping.
Tags: beijing, hot oil treatment, leah shampoo, tint rinse, video shoot

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