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Here's a question that seemed very important, and I'm sure others experienced it too:

How can I view the video summary, photos, and preview clip in the store?

By going to the store, you can browse the everything, and it is in alphabetical order.  When you click on the item, the video summary, photos, and preview clip comes up.

If you use the search feature or "popular video" feature, it gives only the title and price.  The best way to use the site, is to do a search of what you like, e.g. bald, Trish, etc.  Once you find the title that interests you, go into the store, and look for that title alphabetically.

I wish that there was an easier way, but my shopping cart feature can only do so much.


This has been added to my FAQ page.

In other news, I just purchased my blog, so it show now be ad-free.  :)  One of the features for a paid-account is being able to do voice postings.  Would anyone care to hear my voice instead of just reading what I write?

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