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Katie's highlights

My hubby bought me a new computer so I've been trying to organize and get it set up nicely.  I'll need some more time to figure out how to network the printer again.  :) 

I just found that some of my stuff was still on my old computer. Good thing for those USB sticks!  Wow.  I just think back to all the other computer storage devices I've used over the years:  5.25" floppy, 3.5" floppy, zip disks, CDs, and now DVDs and USB sticks that also double as a mp3 player!  I wonder how things are going to be like in the next five or ten years. 

Anyway, let's jump onto a less boring topic. ;)  I'm at 40 minutes into the Katie highlighting video.  Here's a photo from it:

This Sunday's video shoot is being rescheduled for the 7th of December.  It'll be a water perm.

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