haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

the new shampoo tray

Since the barber chair cannot recline below the shampoo bowl, a 1940's shampoo tray is used for shampooing.

Debbie is in the barber chair, Katie is waiting is in the other chair, waiting for her highlights to process.


Several people have asked about my hair.  It hasn't changed since the last photo that was taken of me and posted here.  It's the one where I'm dressed as Padme.  So please look for it, for those curious.

Since I don't have time to model, there will rarely be more photos of me.  If I do something major with my hair, I'll hire a photographer to take a few photos.  And I promise to announce any hair changes on this blog.  :)  Any future emails that I receive asking about my hair, I will point the emailer here. 
Tags: debbie, katie, photo, shampoo tray

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