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Carmen has told me that there have been several people calling her and asking if she could give them a perm with the perm machine.  The perm machine is actually mine, and it is located in my studio salon.  If you wish to do a private (non-video) session to get your hair done by Carmen with this machine, you can make your appointment for a Sunday (only Sundays work).  The cost of my salon rental is $100.  That is payable to me.  You will need to discuss Carmen's pay with her. 

Please, serious inquiries only.  Her and I are quite busy and we don't have time for games.  We really do enjoy working with people, but the fakers need to go away.

So, if you're wanting to set up your appointment with Carmen, be ready to answer with an exact day and time that you will be here (in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota) and the amount of compensation that you'll be offering Carmen.  From shampoo to perm machine to hair style, expect to be in the chair for approximently six hours.

When you have confirmed the day and time with Carmen, send me an email (or a call) as well, and let me know what beverage and snacks you'd like.  It's always enjoyable to have a treat while under the perm machine and dryer.  :)

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