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September 2nd video shoot

Yesterday I met with the model, Flatland, at the Mezzanine salon -- a very cool and hip place with original art hanging from the walls.  Wearing a white very high collar blouse with a broch at her neck, Flatland takes a seat in the chair.  She already has such an attractive short hairstyle, but she wants to go shorter, much shorter.  But first she wants the hair design that she picked out herself.  This is her third design.  

After the design has been carved and the rest of the hair clippered away, she asked for a razor shave.  Since that salon does not do razor shaves, we started on a quest to find a barbershop that did them.  We stopped by Hilda's Hair Hut, but found that they don't do razor shaves either.  I tried calling The Chiseler, because I know they do razor shaves there, but I no longer had their number saved on my phone.  (I had to get a new phone after my other one fell into a toliet.  Don't ask).

So there was one option left -- shaving Flatland's head myself in my barberchair.  

I've always wanted to try out my see-through apron and some of the new capes that I bought, so we did that.  And we got to try out my new red Oster 76 clippers with the size 1  3mm blade, then used the Oster 76 Lites with the 00000 blade to bring her hair down further to the scalp.  Then it was time for the razor shave to make her haircut complete -- total baldness.  

I hope to have this video available in October.

Both cute buttoned up, high collar blouses will be available for sale then too.
Tags: bald woman, flatland, video shoot

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