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So far no word from the tech guys on the VOD paypal shopping cart.  On Friday, the Too Hot for Hair Show VOD will have to be purchased through Verotel.  Of course, manual paypal payments for the VOD is fine; it's just that I have to set up the VOD account then - the username/password wouldn't be automatically given since I'm not always by the computer...although these days I can hardly get away!

Speaking of Verotel, since we're back to using Verotel for the VODs, I'll be working on adjusting the old prices to the new lowered price.  For a few of the paypal VODs I had lowered some of the VODs price to nearly half.  Now I need to do that with the Verotel ones.  Changing prices with Verotel is quite a bit of work, so the new prices should be up by the end of the day. 
Tags: paypal, update, verotel, vod

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