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all footage found!

All footage has been found.  :)  Whew! 

I'll be making (at least) two videos from the footage.  My hair shampoo, set, and style will be on its own from Angie's uniperm.  The cool thing is that you get to see me in perm rods in her video too.  :)  But a question is, should I include footage where it shows me walking around with the camera?  I normally don't like to show cameras or the camera people in my video, but my outfit and perm rods look so cute.  :)  So I will pose the question to you.  Focus on scene or experience everything how it happen?

This morning I finished parting out/cannibalizing my Rilling Deluxe permanent wave machine.  Later today I'll bring it to a scrap yard.  One of my friend came over last night and saw me "destroying" my machine.  When I told him that I was going to scrap it, he looked shocked.  "Didn't you pay a lot of money for that thing?  And now you're going to scrap it?" he asked.  I laughed and said that it was bought to complete my other two machines.  I don't need a 4th one around.  They take up a lot of room.  :D

So the interesting thing about the Rilling is that there were two painted light bulbs -- a red and a green one.  If the cord wasn't all frayed and the light bulbs weren't burnt out, I would have loved to see how that color would have appeared under the perm machine.

Another thing to note for those who are curious about the vintage perm machines, is that this one is made of cast iron.  My Gabrieleen Silver Queen is mostly chrome.  The Gabrieleen model 88, the one that I'm pictured with & the one that I'm working on, is both cast iron and chrome.

Oh, another question!  But first a bit more on the Gabrieleen Silver Queen permanent wave machine: I was hoping to have this machine ready too, but getting the plugs for it has been tough.  The plugs, which consists of three round pins in a straight line, 22.5 mm from center to center, are hard to find.  I had some plugs shipped over from Italy, but they were only 19 mm -- so too small.  I bought the Rilling for this perm machine, but these plugs were too large.  (It's starting to sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears here).  I do have another another perm machine, but it's a boxed number.  It is complete and seems to be in great shape.  (I'd have to really look at it and plug it in).  Would there be interest in seeing boxed perm machine being used?  I could put it on a rolling stand -- first I'd need to make a trip to Home Depot.  :)

Here's a photo of it:

Everything is inside the drawers.
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