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next project

Now that I've finished editing the Too Hot for Hair Show video, I am capturing the footage shot of me trying on and posing with a bunch of capes.  First I put them on one at a time, and then I had my hubby help me put them all on at once.  There was so many capes on me that none of my neck was visible! 

Capturing the footage will take me the rest of the day and tomorrow.


We had our first snow of the fall season yesterday.  So we began getting prepared for the winter season.  The garden was harvested this past weekend, and I finally had some time to make a carrot cake and carrot salad.  The corn didn't turn out well as it has done in previous years.  So I'll forgo the corn next year and plant peas and kohlrabi in its place.

The house is getting organized too.  I think it's about time that I put away my hair brush, poor dusty thing.  I haven't used it since this past summer and I probably won't need it again until spring.  :)~

Now that the post office and dry cleaning has been taken care of this morning, I'm off to vaccum the rest of the house (this takes me at least 2 days since I never have time to do it in one go) and do the rest of the house work.

I'll take care of email a bit later today.
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