haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Too Hot for Hair Show video

For those who had donated $25 or more, your DVD of the Too Hot for Hair Show will be sent off on Monday.

The video is 3 hours long.  Lots of nape shots, hair falling onto the floor and cape, gals rubbing their freshly bald head, and so much fun.

The preview clip should be up by the beginning of the coming week.

The VOD will be $40.  Which equals out to $10 per haircut/head shave; 4 models - 4 haircuts/head shaves.  Although Judebox Jenny received a very nice boy's haircut before her head shave.  And after the clippering, both gals got a hot lather shave and a straight-edge was used.

So technically, a total of 7 haircuts/head shaves were done.  ;)

The 2-disc DVD set will be $45 (please add $3.00 for shipping).  For those wishing to send off their orders now, so I can mail them on the video's release date (October 31st), that's fine with me.  :)
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