haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

head full of tight curls

Wow, I never had so many or so tight of curls before!  We got some photos, but they will have to wait until I get back to the States as this computer I am using does not have any photo software.  

Yesterday, we filmed me removing the curlers.  I think it turned out great.  I´ll put the whole thing on when I get to that footage.  It was nice relaxing with my barefeet up and removing the curlers after a long day´s work.  

I hope to set up a cape video shoot soon.  I hope to hire several models for that.  First I need to see when my favorite barbershop has room for me to set up this filming.  There are just so many different kinds of capes: shampoo, styling, haircutting, and combing out.  I`m sure I missed naming a couple.  I think it would be a great idea to have each kind of cape modeled off so people can see the difference.  Any models in the Minneapolis area interested in modeling off capes should contact me.  I do already have a list, but I`m always adding to that list.
Tags: capes, curlers, models needed

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