haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

permanent wave machine repair

Today I began taking apart my permanent wave machines to make one of them complete.  I still have a bit to do with cleaning and making sure the wires and clamps are fine.  But it feels great to know that the perm machine is nearly finished.  :)  I just hope my electrical work is good.  zzzzt!

I contacted Canon about my cameras, and they will have to be sent out.  So after the Sept. 23rd video shoot, I'll be sending them off.  It will take at least month to get them back for repairs.

While rechecking my cameras and footage, I did find one tape that has footage on it, the one which two cameras had said was blank.  I also found more footage on another tape; same excuse -- the camera stopped downloading the footage at one point.  

Well, wish me luck for Saturday's shoot!  This one is a cut out pattern.

Tags: cameras, perm machine

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