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website re-named

I'm slowly renaming the www.hairfetishpersonals.com site to www.baldandhairpersonals.com  because some people say that the word "fetish" scares them off.

Once I can figure out how to change a couple of things - there are hundreds of pages to this website! - I'll post a few more advertistings for it, and I'll start making a commerical video clip as well.

As I was getting ready to purge my computer of video footage, I found some hair falling on cape footage.  I'm working on that and will make it available shortly.

Then I have a family video to do.  It shouldn't take too much time as I only used one camera.  :)

My son joined Tiger Scouts so I've been busy lately with that.  His pack is selling popcorn and wreaths.  It's great that part of the money he earns from selling goes into an account which helps pay for things in scouts.  That ought to pay for his next uniform.  Boy, those things are spendy! 

Anyway, next week I'll start editing the THFHE footage.  :)   My deadline is Halloween so I better get started soon!

Oh, and for those curious about my future plans for my hair - I plan on letting it grow out.  My hair is naturally brunette and as it grows, I'm going to keep the red tips.  IF I become bored, I may bleach it, and then maybe later re-dye it Copper Red.

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