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new stuff

I'm back to editing the Tricia and Michelle hairstyle videos since I realized that I said that this video would be available this Friday!!!

Then I'll go back to working on making my site 100% paypal compatiable.  I really want this done before I make the THFHE video ready for sale.

I'm 1 hour and 16 minutes into the Tricia and Michelle video.  One of my cameras stopped working at tape 3, but still got footage from the other 2 cameras.  Thank goodness for having 3 cameras!


My pinkie finger is much butter.  Still some pain, and it looks a little funny yet, but at least the nail didn't fall off...which we were thinking that it might.  Yes, I got lucky there!  :)

I'll be working on a bit of new stuff for the HCF site when I have a bit of time.
Tags: video editing

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