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I have a bit more time now, so I can write a bit more.

I took a seat in a black leather modern barber chair, and I was covered by a black nylon cape.  A neck strip was tied around my neck.  Several clippers were used to skillfully do my flat top.  The barber spent about an hour making sure that everything was even.  The back is faded, kinda like a bald fade.

When I got home, I turned on the webcam and did a quick red hair coloring.  I LOVE the color!  It's L'Oreal Technique HiColor-HiLights for Dark Hair only.  Red.  If you have longer hair than me, you'll probably want to pick up two or three of these boxes.  You'll need Oreor 30 Volume Developer as well.

Ooops, just read the instructions.  I didn't use 2.4 fl oz of the developer.  Just as I do when I cook and bake, I tend to ignore instructions and do whatever I think is best.  (I used much less than 2.4 fl oz).

Anyway, I don't like how the color turned out on the sides of my head.  I think it will look better with skin around the head, color on top.  :)  So I'm going to put off the cape video (and webcam) for another day.  I was going to do that tomorrow, but I'll have my husband shave the sides of my head tomorrow after he gets off work.

I'll probably wear my white baby doll lingerie for the caping video.  :)  I'll announce when I make that video as I'll have the webcam turned on at the same time. 


Other news:  I am taking a break from video editing.  Right now I'm trying to get the VOD/DVD shop up.  The difference with this one is the one that I use now is that with the new shop, Paypal will be used for everything.  Currently I have Verotel for VODs.  I hope this will make things much more easier for those aren't fluent in English.

So for the next couple of days, I won't have too much time for emails.  I will get back to doing emails probably the beginning of next week.  (I will be shooting a few hair videos on Friday).

I have a ton of new errands to run tomorrow too.  My hubby likes to keep me busy so that I stay out of trouble.  lol.  ;)

Oh, which reminds me - several people have asked me if my guy is into hair.  No, he is not.  He has his own preferences and desires, which I'm always happy to fulfill when I can.   :)
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