haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my nape

This photo of my nape was taken last week:

I stopped into that barber shop that I spoke of this morning.  The barber is very nice, and his shop has the feel of a 1950s-1970s barber shop to it.  There are only two barbers there, and they may be moving to a new location. 

The barber did say that my hair is long enough for a flat top.  :)  So I'll be calling Brian at the Chiseler barber shop soon to set up my appointment.  After the flat top, I'm going to color it red.  :D  I'm excited. 


I'm going to work on the preview clip of the latest pin curl video.  Then I'm going to start capturing footage from Tricia's cut & highlights and Michelle's haircut.  I *may* to capture some footage from the THFH event, if I have enough space on my computer.  I guess you'll find out tomorrow if I did.  :)
Tags: my hair adventures, nape, photo, video editing

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