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There's a barber shop that I pass by often now.  The building looks quite old, which makes me wonder if the chairs inside are just as old.  Every so often the sign in the window says Open Chair

Looking at that sign, I feel my hair, guessing its length.  It's about an inch long, but probably not enought length for a flat top yet.  Darn it!

But I am sooo very tempted to stop in anyway.  I'll stop in and ask what they think, but I won't get the cut there, since I told the barber at the Chiseler barber shop that I'd get my hair done there.  (They do awesome work). 

I think that I'll do this next week.  :)

Several people have asked me to bleach my hair so I have blond tips when my hair grows out, but, if no one minds, I'd like to start coloring it that brilliant red that I had for the Head Shave in Stages video.  I may even go for a brighter red.  ;)

I'll do that just before my flat top.

I probably won't do video of the coloring or flat top since my hair is so short, but I can state the day and time of my flat top, and if anyone wants to stop by at that barbershop, they can.  :)

Next week one of my photographer friends is getting the latest Canon camera.  He was telling me how it also does 12 minutes of HD video.  I know about his cool assortment of lenses, so that got me thinking.  :)  I told him that I'd like to borrow his camera for the day.

In other news, I've finished editing the blond to red haircoloring video.  I'll start rendering the DVDs and VODs this weekend. 

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