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uniperm & white rod block set

I just got back from Carmen's salon where I filmed not only Angie getting her uniperm (which came very very well) but also me getting a shampoo & set.  I was first treated to a shampoo and then my hair was set in white perm rods.  Angie was next.  Her long hair shampooed, cut to shouldar length, set in perm rods of purple and pink, and then covered in heated clamps from the uniperm.  I helped Carmen by handing her end wraps and rods while she wrapped Angie's hair.  

While Angie sat under the dryer, I joined her for a bit before having my rods taken out and then my hair teased a bit unto a large ball.  It look so cute with my outfit - black satin skirt, dark pinstriped pantyhose, black high heeled shoes with satin laces, and a white long sleeved lacy frilly blouse, that I pinned a broch at the neck.  I'm going to ask my husband to take me out tonight so I can show off my look!  I love it!

Now I'd like to thank the people who made this video possible:  Steve for requesting a uniperm, Tristan for sending photos for Angie's style, David for requesting that I play a part in the video, and to everyone else who wanted to see buttoned-up, high collar blouses, broches, dark pantyhose, and black vinyl capes.

Oh, and I had three camera filming this all.  I hope it turns out well.  One camera that I had just purchased, I didn't have time to do a test run.  Also, being so busy I had no time to find an assistant to help me out today. 

Anyway, I'll start downloading all this footage today (I have 14 miniDV tapes).  I have to leave again soon, so it might take me a few days.  I'll try to start editing in week or so.

Other news:  I washed all the felt rubber pads, metal rods, and spacers for my permanent wave machine yesterday.  I have everything sitting in a tray, just waiting to be used.  I hope to start taking photos of the Rilling perm machine today so I can start ripping it apart.
Tags: perm machine, perm windup, uniperm

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