haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

haircut videos

Today we shot two haircut videos.  The gal who had mid-back length hair had the back buzzed with a guard and the top length was about to her ears.  Her hair was also highlighted with foil.

The other gal recieved a brush cut, I believe.  (I'm not really good at hair cut names, but trying to remember what the stylist called it!)

One wore a skirt suit and tie, and the other a skirt and tie-blouse. 

I did shoot some hair falling into cape footage, and once I capture that footage to my computer, I will be donating that camera to my son's school.  I think that they could use a video camera more than I since their budget otherwise wouldn't allow for one, and they had talked about wanting a video camera last year.

Now I'm off to grab a bite to eat, and then began re-working the HCF site.  I have bought paypal shopping cart software and hopefully by the end of the year, the entire site will be intergrated with paypal (yes, for VODs too).
Tags: haircut, highlighting, my life, video shoot

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