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video shoots coming up

Part of this morning I spent ironing a couple of hair dresser's gowns for a video shoot this coming Sunday.  I'm not sure of the stylist's size in European measurements.  :)  This Sunday's shoot will be a uniperm.  Other videos coming up are a shampoo, shampoo and hair tint with a product from 1940, and a cut-out pattern design.

Leah will be back (by popular request) for the shampooing, and I'm going to be the one to play lab mouse to the old Nu-Gloss hair tint.  In order to avoid being sued, any original old product stock will only be used on my head.  ;)  Besides if something should go wrong with my hair, I can always shave my head and start over again.  (Basically, it won't be a big deal to me as it might other women).

I have a model coming for a hair design -- a pattern cut into her hair and then the rest shaved bald.  She requested this cool look and designed the pattern herself.  This will take place early September.

Another shoot coming up will involved me shaving my friend's face.  I'm very much looking forward to having him in my chair.  He's had neither a hot lather shave nor a straight-razor shave before.  So this will be something special.  :)

I'll be taking some photos of my latest perm machine soon.  Once done, I'm going to take it apart and add clamps to my first perm machine.  Then the Rilling will be taken to the scrap yard.  I just bought another film camcorder, so I won't have the money to have an electrician check out the perm machine just yet.  So I have to decide whether I go first with the electricity and take that risk, or if a gal gets a cold perm using the machine and have it not turned on.

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