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First, could anyone use a free admission ticket to Legoland in California?  I purchased a Lego magazine subscription for my son (because they had an Indiana Jones Lego kit as part of monthly membership benefits), and they sent a ticket to Legoland.  Since we have no plans to go to California, maybe someone out there lives there and has Lego-loving kids?  Just send me an email, and the ticket is yours.


A couple days ago I was looking at a few photo albums on when I saw one of Sissy Chrissie's pictures:

Darn it, girl!  I fell in love with the sight of that chair, so last night I began painting mine to match! 

Now I need to find where in heck I put my black leather hide.  The green vinyl currently on my chair will be replaced maybe within a month or so.  Painting my chair may take awhile, as there really isn't much ventilation in my shop, and the fumes can get overpowering.

The other day I bought a 1940's Brylcreem bottle.  With some black enamel paint, I painted the metal cap, and now it looks almost like new.  The enamel will keep the metal from rusting as I did fill the jar full of Brylcreem and plan to use that stuff within the jar.  Someday I will take a photo of the label, and restore the label completely.  But I'll do that when I have more time...maybe once my son is in college.  ;)

Here's the before photo of the bottle:

And the after:

Now back to the video that I'm working on, since I'm sure many of you are waiting for my next update on that.  :)  I title this one, "Just the beginning". 

The gag is her tie.  Which reminds me...I still need to buy its replacement.  :)
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