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You'll want to have my Hair Blog entries handy for this.  Just go to the right side of this page, and look for the "hair blog" tag, in the Tag column.

All photos are of hair that have been magnified by a microscope.  All hair is mine, except where noted.

Stand of my hair.  Approx. Jan/Feb 2008

40x  14 hours  total 450x


2 days growth, June 3-5

mag 60x obj, total 675x

new growth .08 end May - June, 2008, 40 hours growth

2 perms, bleach color, March - April tiime, 10x total 112x, 24 days growth

Natalie's hair (see Natalie's pixie haircut on HCF site)

Natalie's hair (see Natalie's pixie haircut on HCF site), mag 45x, curling iron?

good hair from May

vibration on table

2x perms bleach April 25

total mag 112x

450x mag

perm marks dark, March - April

mag 675x

I just realized that these photos aren't very well marked.  Sorry about that.  But at least you can see from the photos that perming and bleaching can damage the hair.

The guy who is taking these photos of my hair has sent me more photos.  When I have more time, I'll add them in another entry.  Also, he left notes in other papers.  I'll have to go through them sometime and post bits of info here.  He has given me permission to post these photos because he thinks that others might be interested in this hair chemical process and the results it has on hair.

In one of the photos above, "the hair length in view is just.17mm.  Which is 7/10 mm wide."


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Aug. 14th, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
That is really incredidble,
Kinky C
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