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Thank you, Satori, for writing this brilliant story and for allowing me to post it on my blog.  *hugs*

(This story is an original, and can be found only here). 

Enjoy!  And be sure to thank Satori.  :)


Allison's New Obsession

I finally decided after Jennifer that I would lay off on the hair fetish thing for a while.  This happened about the same time that I reached thirty.  You see, Jennifer was my last serious girlfriend.  Long blond hair, beautiful, the whole deal.  But I could not wait for even a few days after she moved into our apartment to pressure her about cutting her hair.  I got her to do the bob (on account of it being the new “in thing”), and then the shorter bob with the buzzed undercut.  And then I somehow got her to do a pixie several months later—which cost me a trip to the jewelers.  Ultimately, a year after we moved in she finally gave up to my prodding and let me shave her head completely bald after I said how much it turned me on.  I never thought she got the fetish thing, but sex was much better between us after she agreed to go bald.  Still, in public she was nervous.  She went back to wearing a blond wig and soon my pleadings for a Saturday afternoon lather and shave that were initially welcome were soon rebuffed and then she finally decided that I was too weird for her and that she wanted someone more conventional who liked regular hair.  As I write I am sure that she is brushing out her hair that reaches half way down her back telling her new lover about the screwed up hair shaver guy from her past.

Jennifer was not the first to be scared off by my love of short hair (and my fantasy of a bald woman.)  They all seemed to think it was cool at first, but somehow they grew tired of it—probably because they did not share my fetish.  So after Jennifer, I decided to emphasize more my foot fetish, which at least it seems more women can be on board with these days compared to when I was in high school.  Even though I had the fantasy of meeting someone who I could shave bald for the rest of my life, I did not want to lose a woman who I could fall in love with.

It was with this mindset that I met Allison.  Allison was a few years younger than me (still in her 20s) with long chestnut brown hair and a skinny figure that ended in beautifully pedicured feet.  Every time I hung out with her, she wore open-toed shoes and in her apartment she went barefoot everywhere.  I was hooked.  She responded well to my foot fetish as she enjoyed me painting her toes and rubbing lotion into her feet.  Since we lived in Southern California, I do not remember a time when she even wore socks.  I kept on telling myself: “you found a great person here, don't screw it up!  No talk of bob cuts or pixies once she moves in.”  I had even rid myself of my own signature “bald” head and grew out my dark blond hair into a respectable short-ish guy hair style.

After a few months, Allison asked me to move in with her.  As my roommate was a prick and the place was always a mess, I welcomed the move.  Allison lived in an expensive apartment, mostly financed by her rich father, so it was a move up for me.  I was neat enough to pass the test of a great roommate in addition to being a lover.

Once we got to know each other better, I was surprised at her one Sunday afternoon. 

“Can you shave me?” she asked.  It threw me off.

“Uhhh, I thought you got that waxed by Krysta.”  Krysta was her close friend from high school.

“Yeah, but I didn't last time because I thought I would be neat for you to do it.”

“Wow, I've never done that”

“You'll do fine.  I know how you love me bare down there, so I want you to do it yourself.”

She was right.  At least I kept my shaving fetish for some things beyond the head.  We went to the tub and I gave her a closer shave then even Krysta could imagine.  Afterwards during sex, I imagined a different shave, but I kept it to myself.  The voice inside of me said “don't go there.”  I was having too much fun to push the issue of her long hair.  Plus, Krysta was in charge of that too.

Krysta came to our apartment every month like clockwork to trim a half of an inch off of the end of Allison's hair.  Her hair really looked nice super long, so it was easy to distract myself away from my old obsessions.  I never brought up any issue about hair length, having been burned so many times.

But a funny thing happened last March.  Krysta, who had beyond shoulder length hair, showed up to the monthly appointment with a short bob.  When she moved around to get to all of her haircutting equipment, I noticed that she had very closely buzzed undercut.  After having seen her with such a change, I complimented her style.

“That looks great.”

My girlfriend stepped in: “Well, actually, I was surprised Krysta stayed that long without cutting her her.  It's always been shorter than that last style.  You must really like Bob.”

“Yeah, but I had to really sell him on the idea of shorter hair.”  As she said this she showed off the undercut she hair which went up very high up the back of her neck.  “I even pushed it a bit and had my friend buzz all of this off.”

I held back my amazement and let Allison comment first.  Don't show your cards!  “That is definitely you.”

“Well I have been trying for years to tell YOU to try it too, but I've given up.”

I left the room, acting mildly uninterested as Krysta put on the cape and did her monthly half-inch trim.  I thought to myself, “wow, here is another hair fetish person in my midst, and she happens to cut my girlfriend's hair!”

Still, I held back and figured that if Allison had kept her hair long for all of those years, it would stay the same and I did not want to lose her like the others based on my obsessions.

Things stayed quiet for the rest of Spring until late June when Krysta came over for her usual waxing and hair trim.  Krysta was sporting and even shorter bob and you could clearly see the shaved undercut for a few inches up her neck.  It was much hotter than usual, and Allison's apartment's air conditioning was not doing its job.  As usual, I was in the other room messing around on the computer when Allison came back in.

“Is everything all right?”

“Well, yeah.  I just wanted to ask you something.”  She played with the ends of her long hair that reached almost all the way down her back.

“Would you be cool with me cutting my hair?  I mean, it would not be much, but it's so hot and Krysta thinks it will look good just below my shoulders.  It still would be long.”

I stopped myself and my internal enthusiasm.  “Whatever you want.  I think it would look good that way.”

“You do, cool!  I just want you to be in there with me because I have not had my hair cut that much since I met Krysta.”


We went back to the bedroom from the computer room.

“David's cool with it.  So let's go before I change my mind.”

“Awesome!  You both with love it.”  Krysta quickly had her scissors ready.  I tried to contain myself.    As I expected, Krysta moved fast and immediately sent a foot of hair falling to the floor right on top of Allison's pretty bare feet.  Instead of “below shoulder length” this was “barely shoulder length” and really a long bob haircut by the time she finished the other side.  Allison kept her eyes closed and held my hand throughout.  She was a bit shocked when she opened her eyes and saw that her hair just missed her shoulders.  Still, she did not let on that she was surprised.

“I like it.  It feels cooler already.”

“Yeah, girl, you'll be in shock for a while, but it'll wear off and you'll get used to it.”

“No I really like it.”  She didn't sound convincing, even to me.

That night, I could not keep my fingers off of her hair while we were having sex, and I think she sensed that she had awaken something.

July came in even hotter than June, and Krysta returned.  Allison's hair had grown a bit and just touched her shoulders, and I wondered what was next.  As usual, I was back in my computer room during the waxing, but Allison came in again before getting her hair done.

“You seem to really like my hair shorter.”

“Yeah, it looks really cool.”

“You know I've really been thinking though about getting my hair like Krysta's.  I've never had the courage, but you helped me with the last style, so I want to know what you think.”

“Yeah, I think that would look great on you.”

“You sure?”

“Of course.”

“I thought so, because I've never seen you so excited during sex as when I last got my hair cut.”

“Well you just looked awesome.”

“Cool.  Then come in with me and let's do it before I chicken out again.”

“O.K.”  I couldn't believe this was happening!

Krysta was ready with both scissors and the electric clippers when we returned.  “Well, is he O.K. With it?”

“Yes!  Just get to it before I chicken out.”

“Sure!” Krysta moved quickly and Allison's hair now barely made it past her ear lobes.  Of course, the best part for me was when Krysta pinned up her hair and buzzed her hair underneath to less than a quarter inch.  Allison jumped when the clippers first touched her neck and she closer her eyes.  The long hair glided off of the clippers and to the floor near her feet.  I was euphoric when I saw he open her eyes and her hand massaged the buzzed undercut in shock.

“Oh my god this is short!”

“Hey girl, that's the underneath that most people won't see.  It'll be cool for the summer.”

“You know I can't stop feeling my neck.  David, check this out.”  She took my hand and I was in heaven.  Without any prompting on my part my beautiful girlfriend had a clippered nape that I could run my fingers along.

“Wow, that's really cool.  I think you should keep it this way.”  Krysta looked relieved.

“Yeah, I've been trying to get her to cut her hair so she can show off her face like that for years.”

Sex got even better after that and I had to think that she noticed my hands on her clippered area frequently.  I finally decided that I could do something on my end to bring out what I thought was her fetish.  Since May, I had skipped going to the barber that by the end of July I had a longer wavy style that was actually somewhat “in” for guys.  But the main reason in doing this is I wanted to see how much she was into haircutting.

Of course, August came around and Krysta returned.  I stayed away for the waxing and I couldn't stand my hair creeping down my neck as I worked on the computer.  As expected, Allison returned.

“So you really like me with short hair?”

“Well, yeah, but it's more what you like.”

“No, I can tell the way you always massage my neck after I got it shaved.  It's O.K., I am cool with it.  I wanted to try something more extreme.”

“Like what?”

“You know what a pixie is?”

“A fairy?”

“No stupid.  Hair-wise.  It's a super short girl's haircut.  Only an inch or so long all around.”

“O.K. I've seen that.  Whatever you want dear.”

“No, its what you want, too.  I think you will love this and I am sick of long hair period.  Even this.”  She pulled at her short bob.

“Then let's go!”

Krysta was giddy as she waited for Allison to succumb to her scissors and clippers.  Her friend had spent years with long hair, and within a few months she would have hair that would be juts over an inch long.

Krysta turned to Allison: “You'll love this.  Don't worry.  I'll move fast for you like the other times.”

Soon the bob haircut was on the floor and Krysta gently buzzed the back and sides of her head and soon Allison's hair was shorter than mine when we first met.  Instead of being shocked, Allison now as happy.  “This is awesome.  Finally I drew up the courage!  But there's one problem>”

Krysta looked shocked “What's that?”

“David's hair.  Can you do anything about it?  It's too getting too long.  Don't you agree honey?”

“Yes . . . I . . .”

Krysta got a big grin on her face.  “Don't worry, I can take care of that.”

Suddenly I had the cape on me and Krysta took the guard off of the clippers buzzed all of my hair off, leaving only small stubble.  I pretended to be thrown off.

“Wow you almost made me bald!”

“David, let it go, it's too cool.”  Allison rubbed her hands over my almost bare scalp.  “I love this.  So many guys have this look now.”  

Needless to say, I now knew that Allison had a hair fetish and she could not keep her hands off my head, especially during sex.  I also loved running my fingers through her cropped hair, each piece barely covering her scalp.  Thanks, Krysta!

A few weeks later, I thought I would try something else.  After I showered, I shaved like usual, but his time I also wet my buzzed head down with water and lathered it up with shaving cream.  Soon, I was completely smooth-bald again.  For Allison, it would be the first time she saw me this way.

When she came home from work later that night, she acted as if I got her a diamond ring.  “See, I told you that you would like it super short!  I love this—it's so smooth!” She kept on feeling my head as I removed her clothes.  From that point on, I kept my scalp shaved smooth and threw away the shampoo.

About a week after I shaved smooth, I was sitting on the sofa massaging Allison's feet while the TV played some boring show.  I was thinking how smooth her feet were when she surprised me.  Her pixie haircut had grown out a bit so I figured she was going to ask me about keeping it short or not.

“You know I want to ask you about my hair.”

“O.K.  Shoot.”

She paused for a bit.  I talked again “You know I really like you with that short hair.  Don't worry about that.”

“No, honey, it's not that.  I know you like me with short hair.  I just had another crazy idea.”

“What's that?”

“You know how I love your bald head?”

“Yeah, I can't help but to notice!”

“Well I want you to shave MY head!”

I paused.  “Are you sure?”

“Of course.  After feeling your head, I wondered what it would be like to be smooth up here.”  She ran her fingers through her choppy short pixie haircut.  “That is, if it's cool with you.”

I could not suppress a grin.  “Yeah, I was thinking about that when you kept on feeling my head!  Well we don't even have the clippers, though.”

“Oh, yes we do!”  Allison went over to the bathroom and came back with a box with a new set of clippers with shaving cream and a razor.  “I bought this stuff the other day.  Just do to my head what you do to me down under and we'll be fine.”  I was awestruck and paused.  She took off her clothes and sat in a chair.

“If you don't do it, then I will.”

“O.K. Give them to me.”  I took the clippers and plugged them in.  Allison had her eyes open and massaged my bare scalp as I plunged the clippers into her hair with no guard.  Before I knew, her head, once home to hair that always reached well down her back, was mere brown stubble.  Her hand moved from my head to hers. 

“Awesome.”  I could see that she was getting wet.  “But not smooth enough!  You know what to do.”

We moved into the shower and I lathered up her scalp and removed the last traces of hair in the same way I did every few days.  I took extra long and used a new razor so that she would be completely smooth.  She same out of the shower and I dried her scalp and lathered lotion into it.  She was so taken by her smooth head that she almost had an orgasm in the bathroom, but we made it into the bedroom for the best love ever.

Since then, Allison has never wavered from her hair fetish and insists on me shaving her head smooth all the time.  One time in the middle of winter I tried to grow a bit of stubble on my head, but Allison freaked out and I cleaned it up! Krysta still stops by, but no longer with her haircutting stuff.  Sadly, her boyfriend stopped at the bob and got mad when she tried to convince him of the pixie.  Allison told me that she now has a new project—Krysta.  Just like Krysta made Allison take the leap, Allison is convinced that Krysta will be smooth in six months.  Knowing my girlfriend, I am not about to bet her! 
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