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coming soon

I just finished editing the KJ Dekker/Alucard punishment haircuts video.  Here's another photo from it:


Since a DVD is being rendered, I'm working on my river of email.  I probably won't get through all of it today, but probably by tomorrow.

This DVD and VOD will be released next Friday.  Then I'll start working on the punishment Spoolie video.  Another video producer has talked to me about listing her haircut/head shaving punishment videos on my site, so we'll see what titles we can feature.  :)

Anyway, on a different topic, in a hour or so, I'll have to bake some fudge brownies.  I've been craving those covered in vanilla ice cream all day!  


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Nov. 7th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)
Hi there I dunno how long has it been for me that i've been picturing something like this happening to me in real life but was not able to achieve it till now ,I really really would like you to tell me about my possibilities about being in that guys position please .My email address is Weston27th@gmail.com.

Thanks .
Nov. 7th, 2009 07:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Hiya
I have spoken with my hubby and Mistress Lotus a few weeks ago about having sessions again.

Sessions are $160/hour, and take place at Mistress Lotus' dungeon. Her website is www.MistressLotus.com

You'll need to email me directly with a detailed email of what you want done and your phone number and the best time to call.

9 am to 1 pm weekdays will only work for me.

In your email, you will need to state the time and day that you prefer.

If I agree with your request, a $30 non-refundable deposit will need to be made, to avoid no-shows and people who just want to play games.

The $30 will be deducted from the $160.

If you are rude or do not provide the detail as mentioned above, your email will be deleted without me responding.

- Mistress Katherine

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