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another perm machine

I received the parts for my perm machine from Italy the other day....but they are too small.  Desperate to make this work, I began a hunt for another perm machine.  I found one, called on it, asked several questions, and then left immediately for it.

I drove 5 hours to Wisconsin to buy yet another perm machine, this time a Rilling Deluxe Model C.  I asked the guy three times about the plugs, if there were three round pins in a straight line, and each time he assured me there was.  After spending another hour on top of the 5 hour drive being lost (heavy rain and it being night time made finding my way a bit difficult), I made it.  :)  Unfortunately when I saw the plugs of the perm machine, the first words from my mouth were, "Oh no, this won't work!"  But I bought it anyway.  I will be taking it apart this weekend to repair the first perm machine I bought.  Then I'm dumping the rest at a scrap yard.

The pins with this machine are only two.  And they are too wide apart to fit into my Silver Queen's sockets.  But that's okay.  I can always use the clamps and have enough for my two other machines.

I am excited about making at least one machine near functional.  Now I'm working on copying pages from books so the stylist has a manual/guide on the perm machine, finger waving, the boyish bob, and other useful things.  I hope to finish the copying tomorrow.  I decided to buy a copy machine so I could do all the work from home.  This is much easier than running out to do it.

I sorted through all my perm rods and curlers today.  I'll provide photos tomorrow of what I have.  I need more blue and yellow rods, the kind that has the plug to them.  

Someone asked about making the "Kat removing curlers" video available on DVD.  I will try to get that ready by this weekend.
Tags: curlers and rods, perm machine

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