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Video release - Part 1: Kat's purple haircoloring at Carmen's salon

Every Friday at 10 am this month, you'll enjoy another part of the video series Kat's Purple Haircoloring and Barrel Curls at Carmen's Salon.

Here's part 1 https://youtu.be/FJzMHnzA_6o

These videos are brought to you by my Mark Moran (real name) from the Midwest at https://www.instagram.com/dubyamark/ He uses that screen name when he comments on these videos too. He paid to have this video made and for me to post it on YouTube for all to enjoy.

You'll also find him on Twitter https://twitter.com/katssissybitch

If you like this series, be sure to thank him. :)
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

AMSR videos?

Last year, I had several inquires about doing more AMSR videos. I bought a lav mic and Amy, a previous model, would love to be in more videos! So I figure that this could be fun. Besides hair cutting, hair brushing, shampooing, and the sound of the various capes being draped over Amy, what else would you like to hear? These videos will go direct to YouTube for all to enjoy.

(Sorry, no royalties payments or etc for ideas used). This is your just chance to enjoy the sounds you like hearing in a video or two (or more, but let's see how this one goes).
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

Persephone's head shave video now on YouTube!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy this nearly one hour long video of Persephone receiving her first head shave experience at https://sellfy.com/p/yHfx/

She was very nervous as she's never been on video before and never had her head shaved before, but we both had a lot of fun. =D

A big thank you to all my Patreon members who made this video possible to be fully released on YouTube.

A few more photos of Persephone are to come. I had to run out immediately after this video was shot to visit a relative in the hospital, so I had another photographer take the photos for me. :)
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

so many updates!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Solstice! Have a wonderful holiday season whichever holiday (or non-holiday) you are celebrating. :)

Let's dive into some updates.

This blog, LiveJournal, isn't easy to sync up with my phone, so for more "real-time" video shoot updates, be sure to follow https://www.instagram.com/haircuttingfunvideos/

I've done several video shoots.

Carmen is back! She works at Silver Shears in New Brighton, Minnesota. Be sure to book her for an appointment. You'll see her shop area in the photos she took of me here

Some folks have asked if I could make an appearance during their salon appointment. Yes, I can, but I do charge for my time. (I cannot do Tuesdays or Thursdays, the rest of the days are good, with advanced notice).

Anyway, back to this fun video. Carmen colored my hair a wine color, so it's sort of dark purplish. Afterwards, she barrel rolled my hair with a curling iron.

A special thanks to Sissy Bitch Mark Moran for financing this video. Because of this loser's generosity, this video will be published at http://www.youtube.com/baldchick sometime in the New Year. If you'd like to thank him, he can be found at https://www.instagram.com/dubyamark/

Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel and allow notifications so you can be alerted when new videos are posted to http://www.youtube.com/baldchick

The day after this video was shot, I went on another location to shoot three hair models receive haircuts. These haircuts were done by James William. Here are the hair models' before photos. Photos taken by James William.

Models were Deb, Molly, and Gigi. Everyone had a fantastic time and the women loved their new looks.

Once everything was cleaned up, I hopped in the salon chair for James to buzz my nape and even out my hair. Sorry, there's no video of this. But now I can say, yes, James has cut my hair. =D

All of these videos from that shoot will be put on https://sellfy.com/headshavinghaircuttingvideos sometime in the New Year.

About a week later, Persephone stopped over for a head shave. She often wears her hair extremely short, but has never been bald before. Of course, I can take care of that!!! Due to Patreon member support (https://www.patreon.com/katsurth), this video will be released on YouTube before the end of December. In fact, I'm at 44 minutes into editing this video. I hope to finish editing and start the rendering process today. Rendering can take up to 72 hours or more. :( Thank you, Patreon members. You are amazing!

Now for other videos, I'm working on a web/podcast series that requires a lot of research. I've been spending quite a bit of time on that. I won't release anything until I have ten-twelve episodes done and ready.

In other news, my health is unsure. I may disappear here and there, but that's pretty normal for me. If there are no updates on any of my social media after a year, I'm probably dead. At this moment, I have no one to take over for me. I will have to think upon this and write something up in my will, so there's some kind of notification.

A note about wills - everyone should have one. I found out the hard way that they cannot by hand written (at least in the state that I live). You might not need a lawyer, but if you have two or more witnesses sign your will, all the dates must be the same, otherwise the document will probably be invalid. Be sure to name an Executor and save some money for funeral and other bills. If you donate your body to science (call your locate University), it's free and they'll cremate you for free when they are done.
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Nestle Lanoil Home Outfit kit

I bought a 1920's Nestle Lanoil Home Outfit awhile back. I hope to use it in an upcoming video, but the kit didn't come with instructions. Does anyone happen to have the same kit with instructions?

Here's my kit looks like. I'll have to make some Lanoil strips.

An old advertising showing this curling iron in action

Part of me thinks that I'll get electrocuted, but it's worth a shock, er, risk.
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

Part 5 of the foam hair perm

Monday, Part 5 of my foam hair perm video will be released at http://www.youtube.com/baldchick

I visited Great Clips last night and filmed my hair trim. To keep up-to-date on all my latest hair changes, be sure to check out https://www.instagram.com/katsurth/

This video will be put on YouTube at some point. First, I have to remove the music. Great Clips refused to turn the radio off. That's okay though, I'll be sending the video off to one of my Patreon members who might be able to help me fix it. :)

The hair stylist who cut my hair also has an awesome haircut. Very short sides with a mohawk. Blonde.

After this hair trim, I will be letting my hair grow out now. It's rather cold here in Minnesota for partially shaved head, imho.

Next weekend, I'll be visiting Carmen for my hair appointment to color my hair a red/purple wine color. A big thank you to my sissy Mark who is paying for this video, to be put on YouTube.