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hair appointment

Over this weekend, I have an appointment to have my head partially shaved and the top permed in tiny red perm rods, for a nice, tight curly perm.

Due to support from my Patreon members at https://www.patreon.com/katsurth and because of my sissy Mark paying all costs, I'm able to shoot and offer this video on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/baldchick as soon as it's edited. Thank you, everyone!

Here are the perm rods and foam perm that will be used for my hair appointment.

Garage studio progress!

I just finished painting over the caulk this morning and moving the chairs around. I'd say that my studio is 85% done. But I believe it’s ready for basic shooting now. The 2nd half of next week, I’ll start shooting videos.

For now, I need to figure out the layout for the chairs and sink. What do you suggest?

bald woman warrior in The Walking Dead

In episode 10, titled, Omega, in season 9, there's a blonde woman who cuts her hair in a quick scene. After that, you see her rocking the bald look in that episode and future episodes of The Walking Dead.

vintage and newer salon capes for sale!

Folks have been asking when I'll list a bunch of salon capes on eBay. They are up there now on my eBay page. <-- contains affiliate link

If you wish, you can also subscribe or follow me as an eBayer to be notified once I list things. :)

There are capes from the 1960s, 1970s, and 2018/2019. A good mixture of vinyl, plastic, nylon, and polyester.

I will be listing a bunch of non-hair stuff soon. I'm cleaning out my house. Anything sold is going towards buying my garage a new service door and windows, in hopes of making my garage studio a little easier to use...and better in appearance. =D

You can see the latest garage studio developments at https://www.instagram.com/haircuttingfunvideos/

Published old barber shop video

A customer asked me about this video (barbershop high and tight) and I found all but the first part on YouTube. The first part used to be on a website that no longer exists. So, I figured, why not release it on YouTube? =D

But, wow, this does take me back. Barber shops are such a joy. And this barbershop is amazing. If you're ever in Brooklyn Park, MN, USA, stop by for a razor shave.

Here is the complete set of Kat's High and Tight at the Barbershop


In other news, if all goes well, I'll be shooting a caping video later today for YouTube. The capes, including kiddie ones, will be put on eBay soon after.

Video premiere on YouTube this Friday!

While Patreon supporters got to see me have my head and face shave live on a webcam in the barbershop, I had also a video camera running. This video will be premiered this Friday, August 30th, at 2:00 pm (1400) USA Central time on YouTube. During the premiere, I'll be in the chatroom talking about the haircut and shave and answering questions.

This premiere will last a little more than an hour.

Link to Patreon https://www.patreon.com/katsurth
Link to YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/baldchick
Link to current time https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&channel=cus&q=what+time+is+it+in+minnesota
Link to countdown to the premiere https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20190830T14&p0=159&msg=Kat%27s+head+and+face+shave+video+premiere%21&font=cursive&csz=1
Kat's Extreme Haircut in a Barbershop video can now be purchased on Sellfy at https://sellfy.com/p/xoqskg/

Kat's Extreme Haircut in a Barbershop

Update: This fun video can now be found at https://sellfy.com/p/xoqskg/

It's probably time that I upgrade my video computer and update my Adobe Premiere Pro to the Cloud version. I've tried several times to make a regular version of my Kat's Extreme Haircut in a Barbershop video, but my computer keeps crashing. So, if you'd like to enjoy this video, you'll need to sign up at my Patreon page at the $10 tier https://www.patreon.com/katsurth for the month.

I will try again once I have updated my editing software to the Cloud version.

For now, here is the preview clip https://youtu.be/JvOoctxweAI

and photos from this video

Video description
Come take a hair adventure with Kat! It's a long one so grab your snacks and settle in for a long ride. The video opens up to Kat in her barber chair in garage, showing off her long blonde hair. She talks about her upcoming haircut, lets her hair down, and brushes out her curly hair. She is wearing a red satin blouse, leather skirt, patterned pantyhose, and high heels. Kat has told very few people in the real world about her haircut! It's going to be a huge surprise to everybody!

Kat plays with her hair and poses in the barber chair, showing off the hair length. It's going to be a very long, very long time before her hair ever gets to that length again, if ever. Kat talks about her plans for keeping her haircut once it's been done. She also plays with a straight-edge razor and scissors.

Follow Kat from the sidewalk into the New Gen Studio barber shop and watch her take a seat in the barber chair. Take a look at the unique background of this cool barber shop in Worthington, Minnesota, USA. (You can check out their Instagram at https://instagram.com/newgenstudio1123 ) Here, she is wearing a white button up shirt, red tie and matching red heels, a leather skirt, and patterned pantyhose.

The barber, Jesus, drapes a barber shop striped cotton cloth cape on Kat. After clipping the cape collar tight, he combs out her hair and then rolls out a tape measure to measure the hair length - 23" to 24" inches. Nearly two feet!

Jesus the barber starts off with a water bottle and a comb and sections Kat's hair by combing it up and over. Now it's clipper time. He flicks on a golden Babyliss Pro FX cordless clippers with a guard and runs through Kat's long tresses. The blonde strands piling up on her shoulder. He uses a smaller black clippers with no guard to create a hard part on Kat's head.

Using a variety of electric clippers and a comb, the barber creates a stunning and extremely short fade haircut for Kat. On one side of her head is a hair design too. For the fade, the barber used the Oster Fast Feed.

Halfway during the haircut, Kat suggests swapping capes - from the cotton to the shiny red PVC cape. Kat is dusted off periodically so that none of Kat's shorn hair ends up inside her clothes. With all Kat's smiles and giggles, you know that she is really enjoying her time in the barber chair.

Once the sides are faded, Jesus works on the top, where the hair is still very long. He uses a large scissors to cut down the bulk. After adding some pomade, the barber uses a blow dryer and a comb to style Kat's hair. More scissor cutting is done and the straight-edge razor makes the hard parts and design really pop.

Kat loosens her tie and undoes the first two top buttons so that the barber can clipper her nape easier. She is dusted often.

After the haircut is over, the video isn't over yet! Bonus footage! Kat poses in her shirt and tie in the barber chair. Then she changes into a summer dress and poses in that. You'll also see her in a purple satin blouse talking about her haircut experience and the reactions that she's been getting from everyone. Wow! There's just so much to enjoy in this over two-hour long video!

Duration 2 hours 11 minutes, screen size 960x540, format .wmv

garage progress

Garage to studio update

The garage has electricity everywhere now. I've cut lumber and added it to above the cement block walls...to keep the mice out. The walls have one coat of paint and I'll put on another coat later today.

I've picked up a shampoo sink the other day. Since the garage doesn't have plumbing, I'll have to find/figure out a water tank that can also provide hot water. The garage has 15 amps, but I'm thinking solar power may be better.

There's some old wiring that needs to be removed yet and plastic to put up before adding cedar paneling to the walls.

The garage studio is slowly getting there! I'm quite excited by it and I can't wait for it to be completed. To see photos of the garage progress, check out HCF's Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/haircuttingfunvideos/

Shampoo scene in GLOW

Around the 10:50 mark, there is a short shampoo scene in the 3rd Season, episode 2 titled "Hot Tub Club." 

GLOW is a tv show on Netflix and it stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

Close up photo of one of the lady wrestlers having her hair washed

Close up photo of one of the lady wrestlers having her hair washed

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