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Enjoy this edition of hair in the news!

I Just Discovered the Most Polarizing Rainbow Hair on Instagram

How to Use a Round Brush to Make Fine Hair Look Fuller

Angelina Jolie's New Haircut is the Ultimate Rebound Move

Lena Dunham Just Dyed Her Hair The Most Unexpected Color

Hair, Hair and More Lovely Bridal Hairstyles To Brighten Your Day!

This Controversial Punk Rock Haircut Is Tearing Instagram Apart

Beauty app connects kinky, curly heads with specialty stylists

12 Honestly Gorgeous Ways to Wear Hair Cuffs
https://12 Honestly Gorgeous Ways to Wear Hair Cuffs

Blake Lively Debuted Her Shortest Hairstyle Yet

Sia Goes Without Her Wig as She Reveals Her Face (and Her Breast) in Instagram Post

Kate Hudson: My Boyfriend Likes My Buzzed Haircut

The Bobby Pin Was the Real MVP of Fashion Week

20 Short, Curly Hairstyles You'll Love
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